Sébastien St-Martin


If we could see the world through Sebastien’s eyes, we would see tints, shades, and colours we never even imagined. He loves nothing more than a job well done and always impresses us with his ability to surpass himself in every one of his achievements. He is usually making sure the colour grading of his latest project is absolutely perfect, or gone chasing a soccer ball or a Frisbee, depending.

Cofounder - Creative & Director
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I'm half-human, half-fish
but I still can't breathe underwater...

My portfolio

Sébastien St-Martin
Philippe Laprise

Je m'en occupe (I got this)

Sébastien St-Martin
Anthony Kavanagh

Le retour

Sébastien St-Martin
GMCF X Vidéotron

Le show héliporté

Sébastien St-Martin

It's time for a change

Sébastien St-Martin
Phil Roy

Noël 2017