Top Dogs: Homicides

Project Details

Detectives Patenaude and Detroit are two wacky and immature cops that investigate the numerous murders of Laval and its suburbs. They believe they are two rock stars, calling themselves the best “Top Dogs” that the precinct has ever seen.

The absurd crime scenes they get sent on always seems to have obvious and logical explanations, particularly with the ballistic Expert having found great evidence. But the Top Dogs know better.
Their secret asset: their weird, immature minds. Don’t just think outside the box: burn it to the ground and see what’s inside.

When the evidence suggests a suicide, they will prove that it is a murder involving nine pairs of underpants. Or when everything seems to point to a mob job, their instinct will lead them to a maple syrup selling magnate who wants to control an illegal underground market.

Basically, they are good. Very good! But this time, even the bests can’t imagine what’s cooking right under their nose…

Allo-Police - Juliette
Allo-Police - The Expert
Allo-Police - Nicolas
Allo-Police - The Employee

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