Seeing the good side of things

The approach
Koze is a collective united by the desire to see the good side of things. We are positive, daring, and above all, funky creatives! Pleasure and experimentation are at the heart of each of our projects, from advertising to original productions. We believe that collaboration is the key to collective success. In short, we put some good out there.
Are you game?
Kekou 2022 avec Mathieu Dufour
Fido x Radio-Canada
Avec Kath Levac
Vin du Québec
Trouver son équilibre
Campagne - Dual Realities
Campagne - Brasseurs de trouble
Le Trou Du Diable
Campagne - Partager ce que nous sommes
The Koze experience
We do not change beliefs, behaviors, perceptions or emotions through negative thoughts. Brands grow, retain and unite when they embody, support or express a positive story.
Our services
Vincent Chabot
Cofounder – Producer and CEO
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Sébastien St-Martin
Cofounder - Creative & Director
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Patrick St-Martin
Cofounder - Creative & Director
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Pierre-Luc Miville
Cofounder - Creative, Director, and VFX specialist
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Robin Summer
Creative, Director, & Copywriter
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Valerie Naud
Production Manager
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Émilie Perrier
Digital manager
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Gabrielle Ostiguy-Martin
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Fannie Jodoin
Production coordinator
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Mélanie Fournier
Production manager
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Guillaume Lacelle
Creative Content Producer
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Janik Larose
Post-Production Coordinator
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Samantha Labrecque
Technical Director and Postproduction Manager
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There are three ingredients that will always be part of our content: experimentation, authenticity and funk.
Our culture