Content marketing agency

Emotion through content

We bet on boldness. Boldness of pushing back the boundaries and explore new ideas. It’s what allows us to create emotions through every one of our concepts.

KOZE is a creative agency specialized in content marketing. It is a unique destination in order to create advertising campaigns and video projects that will resonate with your audience.

KOZE is also an integrated team, driven by its desire to create content.

Join us on our adventure
It will change your life
Cook It
Top Dogs: Homicides
Le plus fort au monde
François Bellefeuille
Je m'en occupe (I got this)
Philippe Laprise
Le show héliporté
GMCF X Vidéotron
Campagne - Le portrait
Vincent Chabot
Cofounder – Producer and CEO
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Sébastien St-Martin
Cofounder - Creative & Director
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Patrick St-Martin
Cofounder - Creative & Director
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Pierre-Luc Miville
Cofounder - Creative, Director, and VFX specialist
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Veronique Theriault
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Robin Summer
Creative, Director, & Copywriter
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Valerie Naud
Production Manager
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Alicia Cantin
Marketing Consultant
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Katherine Martel
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Charles-Andre Leroux
Editor, Motion & Sound Designer
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Guillaume Lacelle
Creative Content Producer
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Geoffroy Dallaire-Gagne
Coordinator, Assistant-Director
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Janik Larose
Post-Production Coordinator
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Jérôme Desgroseilliers
Media strategist and planner
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Samantha Labrecque
Technical Director and Postproduction Manager
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Gabrielle Morneau
Production coordinator
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